Dev Anand was in love with Muslim actress suraiya?

Dev Anand was a talented, charming, and captivating actor of Indian cinema. With his trademark hair and charming smile, he graced the silver screen for more than six decades. Born on September 26, 1923 in Punjab, India, Dev Anand entered acting in the 1940s and soon made his mark as a romantic hero. His performances in classic films like “The Guide,” “Jewel Thief,” and “CID” showcased his versatility and magnetism. An actor, director and producer, he epitomized the golden age of Bollywood. Dev Anand’s contribution to Indian cinema is immortal, his legacy has spanned generations, inspiring actors and filmmakers alike, making him a legend in the annals of Indian film history.

love with Muslim actress suraiya

Actor Dev Anand and Muslim actress Suraiya are in love with each other. Both of them worked together till the middle of the year Vidya, Jeet, Shair, Afsar, Nili, Sanam, and Do Sitare (1948 to 1951). But Suraiya’s family did not like this because she was a Muslim and Dev Saheb was a Hindu. Suraiya’s family members had also threatened to kill Devanand. His family members were strongly against his marriage, especially his grandmother and maternal uncle. But Suraiya was no less stubborn. She did not marry throughout her life and remained a virgin till her last breath.

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