Miss World 2023, the 71st installment of the global pageant, has been moved from December 2023 to March 2, 2024.

Dr. Claude Mashego, the representative from South Africa, will be participating in Miss World 2023, which has been postponed.

By Arab News, the Miss World 2023 pageant was scheduled to occur in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in May 2023.

The choice to bestow this esteemed accolade upon India acknowledges the country's abundant cultural legacy, its dedication to fostering diversity, and its fervor for empowering women.

The last time India hosted the pageant was in 1996 in Bangalore, where Irene Skliva of Greece was crowned Miss World. The pageant has once again been postponed.

Dr. Claude Mashego claimed the title of Miss World South Africa after winning the Miss World South Africa pageant held in Soweto.

Now the Miss World office has given CBP the responsibility to send a rep to them. It means the person that wins Miss SA this year cannot go to the Miss World pageant,” she continued.