Director Shankar’s Daughter Aishwarya Shankar Marriage

Director Shankar’s daughter, Aishwarya is married to Tarun Karthikeyan. Tarun Karthikeyan has not only been an assistant director in a south Indian film but is also a lyricist and playback singer. Big stars of South attended this wedding. As a father, he was seen officiating at his daughter’s wedding. In which he is seen welcoming the guests himself.

Actor Rajinikanth, Suriya, & Kamal Haasan, Nayanthara did attend the wedding of Director Shankar’s Daughter Aishwarya Shankar Marriage

Superstar Rajinikanth made headlines with his charismatic presence by giving his blessings to the newly married couple, while Kamal Haasan’s grace and poise added an aura of sophistication to the event. Suriya was full of warmth and happiness as he attended the event with his spouse Jyothika, spreading happiness wherever he went.

Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Director Shankar’s Daughter, Suriya, Tarun Karthikeyan, Aishwarya shankar

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